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Paranormal Researcher Kristen Luman Chats Ghosts with GHR

Host from Ghost Hunters Chats with The Grindhouse Radio About

Investigations and Thoughts In The Field

LEVITTOWN, NY – (May 18th, 2022) Paranormal Researcher Kristen Luman from A&E televison show Ghost Hunters chats ghosts, paranormal findings and scientific findings while on her journey as an investigator and hypnotherapist on The Grindhouse Radio with hosts Brimstone, Kim Adragna, and Tom Greer. Tune in to this week's episode on Thursday, May 19th, 2022 starting at 7pm EST | 4pm PST via the GHR Official Website (, or any of over 25 syndicated networks including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.

Luman said to GHR, "“I had my own experience with someone who had this gift. They talked about my grandma and even mimicked what she did… I can’t explain how he knew what he knew this wasn’t common knowledge this stuff. I believe are some are born with this gift and some people are good with emotional cues well.”

Luman when asked by Kim Adragna said, “That’s why I love it and fascinated by both sides whether it is from the supernatural or in our minds.”

About Kristen Luman: Practicing hypnotherapist Kristen Luman is co-lead investigator and a paranormal researcher on the “Ghost Hunters” team. She has brought her expertise in both the human mind and the paranormal to over 100 investigations in the past decade.

Her work as a hypnotherapist and her knowledge of parapsychology is invaluable when interviewing witnesses who believe they’ve experienced something supernatural. That skillset also means Kristen is usually the most skeptical investigator on any team she joins.

(Credit: AETV)

Kristen Luman earned her BA in Psychology from Portland State University where she focused her studies on Paranormal Psychology and Human Development. She then went on to study at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute where she became a certified hypnotherapist also becoming a member of the American Hypnosis Association. Kristen’s fascination with psychosomatic conditions (field of psychology that focuses on how behavioral, psychological, and social factors influence bodily processes) led her to continue her education and receive certifications in Pain Management and Energy Healing. She is an avid user of NLP and the Eriksonian school of thought. She believes all can be achieved with the power of belief.


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