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Why Mini Segments between Segments:


Breaking up the monotony of the same four voices over the course of two-hours is imperative to keep the audience interested and engaged. Studies have shown that fifteen minute increments of information is easily digestable; keeping within the average person’s attention span. GHR refreshes after every segment... we ‘cleanse the palate’ so to speak, by featuring a small three minute, ‘vocal vignette’ that hones in on a specific genre. By doing this, we not only retain the listener’s attention; but have found that we’ve conveniently tapped into prime demographic trends.

The Pop News
Rob Medina Still #2.jpg
The Pop News:
Segment Host: Rob Medina

The Grindhouse Radio’s NEW resident comic book expert, Rob Medina has taken over the reigns from Kevin Dempsey. Medina has toured comic cons large and wide, essentially stacking up additional knowledge in his already stuffed file cabinet of a brain. Medina will bring the books to life weekly on The Grindhouse Radio. Rob's Pop News discusses everything geeky and nerdy. From comic books, to current film adaptations... Rob keeps it fresh and easy to follow - even for noobs (that means beginners).

Tom's Takes
Tom's Takes:
Segment Host: Tom Greer

Tom's Takes offers a weekly update of hot sports topics from our resident sport’s expert, Tom Greer. Running the gambit of everything ‘Sporty Sports’ - Greer tackles the massive worlds of the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and more... yes, even a touch of Professional Wrestling for good measure. 

Leading Ladies
Leading Ladies:
Segment Host: Amy Palmiero-Winters

Amy Palmiero-Winters is a professional athlete and the founder of the One Step Ahead Foundation. She’s compiled a tremendous portfolio of world records and firsts for a female amputee in marathons, ultra-marathons, triathlons, and ultra-triathlons. Amy currently holds 13 world records in various running/endurance events and is an ESPN ESPY Award Winner. Leading Ladies defines Woman’s Empowerment, spotlighting important roles of inspirational women throughout history.

Savor the Flavor
Savor the Flavor:
Segment Host: Brimstone & Kim Adragna

Savor the Flavor is the culmination of Kim’s undying affection for all things edible from home cooking, to festival faire matched with Brim’s many years feasting on the coolest cuisine from around the world, three seasons as the host of Food Hound: Tidbits, award winning sauce boss, and continued role as a host & official judge for foodie events all around the country! The pair banter about stuff, things and everything delicious.

LFam's Gaming News
LFam's Gaming News:
Segment Host: LiKwaiLao

LFam's Gaming News is the source for Esports gaming news and highlights including team, player & tournament news, new game releases, facts and trivia, a-political gaming controversies and a whole lot more. As our resident gamer, LiKwaiLao has his finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to Esports & Gaming in general.

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