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How do I listen to the show?

The Grindhouse Radio is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on a wide variety of different networks. You can tune in to the show directly on our website by clicking HERE  or  feel free to visit any of the networks in our Syndicate and choose which best suits your needs. We don't care how you tune in... as long as you're listening!!! Below are some of the affiliate networks where you can freely stream GHR in all its glory...

  1. iHeartRadio

  2. iTunes

  3. Spotify

  4. Google Podcast

  5. Audible

  6. Amazon Alexa  (Click HERE to Enable the GHR Alexa Skill)

  7. Tune In

  8. Stitcher

  9. Spreaker

  10. Breaker

  11. Blubrry

  12. Deezer

  13. Podcast Addict

  14. Anchor FM

  15. Castbox FM

  16. A-Cast

  17. Overcast FM

  18. JioSavan

  19. Mixcloud

  20. Radio Public

  21. Luminary

  22. Satchel

  23. Podbean

  24. Pocket Cast

  25. Awakens EU

  26. Earplug Podcast Network

  27. Your Favorite Blockhead Network


  29. Radio Copilot

  30. Himalaya

How frequently are episodes released? Where is the show hosted?

GHR is pre-recorded EVERY week on Monday's at our professional studios located on Long Island, New York. Each new episode is aired on our Official Website, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify starting at 7pm EST / 4pm PST Thursday's. GHR is then syndicated all throughout the week at different times via our Syndicate. The Magic KimTom releases EVERY Magical Monday and Within Brim's Skin releases EVERY Thursday starting at 7pm EST / 4pm PST.





Make sure to go watch some fun interviews with the cast of the Grindhouse in the hot seat! Click HERE to start bingeing!!!




The Grindhouse has a reputation of securing the coolest guests from across the spectrum of entertainment!

Click HERE to find YOUR favorites and maybe find some new ones!




The GHR cast conducts seminars at libraries, schools, universities and private businesses to educate on podcasting, business and branding among other subjects. Click HERE to Learn more and HERE to Join our 101 Facebook Group.




Catch Mr. Greer streaming your favorite games LIVE on his Official Twitch Channel! Click HERE to subscribe and watch him take on Valorant, Call of Duty, Among Us and much more!

What are the GHR Demographics?

Although GHR lends itself to a wide range of listeners, our age demographic runs between the ages of 18 - 65 and is estimated to be 52% Female – 48% Male. We are a racially diverse show, so we tend to dip into all markets. The Grindhouse Radio is syndicated in 145 Countries with primary listenership in North America (40.4%), Europe (22.2%), South America (15.8%) and Asia (9.8%).

Can I listen to Past Episodes?

ALL back episodes of GHR can be found here on our Official Website as well as infinitely on iHeartRadio, Spotify and iTunes. Seeking a specific Guest? You can also feel free to enjoy perusing our Guest List to find specific episodes that you may be extra interested in.

Do you accept Sponsors & Advertisers?

Absolutely. Please either contact us directly via our Contact Page.


Does GHR have Social Media?

Yes. Links to ALL of our Official Social Media pages are listed at the TOP of this page. Furthermore, if you are looking for cast member specific social outlets; please visit their individual Bio pages.

We love our audience and look forward to interacting with you! Please FOLLOW, LIKE, SHARE and ENGAGE with GHR Direct and our entire cast - it's the most fun way to allow us to get to know you!

Does GHR accept Products for Review?

Yes. GHR does accept product for review within reason. If you'd like to present your company's product for review, please forward packages to:

The Grindhouse Radio

c/o Product Review
64 Divison Ave LL3, Levittown, New York 11756

Does GHR accept syndication request?

We are always in growth mode in terms of addition being brought into our Syndicate (syndicated network) which will be continuing throughout each year. If you are a Network interested in syndicating, The Grindhouse Radio... please refer to the Contact Page.

Does GHR rent studio space?

Yes. Please visit our Studio Rental Information page HERE.

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