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Let’s face it… luckily, The Grindhouse Radio happens to have a lot of friends. For some strange reason – they enjoy dropping by for a spell here and there! It couldn’t be for the interviews, because at GHR – we don’t do interviews. Instead, we enjoy having fun with those who have done us the honor of gracing our airwaves! Below you’ll find a vast array of different celebrity personalities that have laughed with us throughout our existence. Feel free to browse our list and listen back to some good times, priceless stories and organized chaos! Enjoy...



Jeremy Ambler
(The Walking Dead)
Episode(s): 6.6.19
Chef Tony Albanese
(Food Network)
Episode(s): 2.23.17
Chef Robyn Almodovar
(Chopped, Hell's Kitchen)
Episode(s): 7.17.17
Roxy Astor
(GLOW Original)
Episode(s): 7.13.17
Karan Ashley
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Episode(s): 7.27.17
David Archuleta
(American Idol)
Episode(s): 5.28.20
Lee Arenberg
(Pirates of the Caribbean)
Episode(s): 5.23.19
Ron Alexenburg
(Legendary Record Executive)
Episode(s): 9.27.18


Linda Ballantyne
(Voice of Sailor Moond)
Episode(s): 6.2.16 - 5.30.19
Darra 'Like Dat' Boyd
(Flavor of Love, Charm School)
Episode(s): 12.6.18
Nicholas Brendon
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Episode(s): 7.13.17
Johnny Yong Bosch
(Power Rangers, Bleach)
Episode(s): 6.28.18
Johnny Brennan
(Family Guy, The Jerky Boys)
Episode(s): 5.26.16
Peter Blomquist
(Red Dead Redemption)
Episode(s): 6.20.19
Bushwhacker Luke
(WWE Legend)
Episode(s): 2.2.17
(Guns 'N Roses, Asia, Sons of Apollo)
Episode(s): 3.23.17
Robert Bruce
(Comic Book Men)
Episode(s): 7.20.17
Chef Marc Bynum
(3x Chopped Champion)
Episode(s): 10.24.19
Nakia Burrise
(Power Rangers)
Episode(s): 9.6.18
Billy Blair
(Machete, Jonah Hex)
Episode(s): 4.23.20
Chef Barret Beyer
(Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Casino)
Episode(s): 2.9.17
Brutus the Barber Beefcake
(WWE Legend)
Sinn Bohdi
(WWE Superstar, TNA iMPACT!)
Episode(s): 5.12.16
Ezra Buzzington
(The Hills Have Eyes, Fight Club)
Episode(s): 8.9.19
Jerome St. John Blake
(Star Wars, 5th Element)
Episode(s): 10.19.17
Bobbie Brown
(Model, Actress, Video Vixen)
Episode(s): 5.10.18
Rupert Boneham
(Survivor, The Amazing Race)
Episode(s): 3.15.18
(D-12, Rapper)
Episode(s): 12.14.17
Chef Rob Burmiester
(Food Network Star)
Episode(s): 12.15.16
Gentle Jay Blondel
(Ink Master)
Episode(s): 9.15.16
Tony Bancroft
(Disney's Mulan, Pumbaa)
Episode(s): 11.5.20
Rachel Bolan
(Skid Row - Bassist)
Episode(s): 12.17.20


Jeremy Carver
Episode(s): 1.12.17
Ming Chen
(Comic Book Men)
Episode(s): 5.26.16
Mo Collins
(Fear the Walking Dead, MAD Tv)
Episode(s): 11.28.19
Greg Cipes
(Teen Titans GO! - Beast Boy)
Episode(s): 10.10.19
Michael Copon
(Power Rangers, One Tree Hill)
Episode(s): 9.21.17
Bobby Collins
(Legendary Comedian)
Episode(s): 5.21.20
Jennifer Cihi
(Sailor Moon - Singing Voice)
Episode(s): 6.13.19
Daniel Cudmore
(X-Men, Twilight, Dark Phoenix)
Episode(s): 11.10.1611.1.18
Kevin Covais
(American Idol, Transformers)
Episode(s): 6.16.16
Mo Cassara
(ESPN, CBS Sports)
Episode(s): 12.1.16
Jarrett Crippen
(Who Wants to be a Superhero)
Episode(s): 1.19.17
Vivian Chan
(Food Network)
Episode(s): 8.29.19
Bob Camp
(Ren and Stimpy)
Episode(s): 2.1.18
Jacob Chabot
(Marvel, Spongebob, Hello Kitty)
Episode(s): 3.9.17
Tyler Conroy
(YouTube Star, Broadway Actor)
Episode(s): 4.12.18
Dameon Clarke
(Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist)
Episode(s): 1.23.20
Lawrence Chau
(Ghostly Encounters)
Episode(s): 8.2.18
Steve Coulter
(The Walking Dead, Purge, Insidious)
Episode(s): 6.9.1610.4.18
eLL Cartoons
(YouTube Star, Animator)
Episode(s): 4.2.20
Lincoln A. Castellanos
(Fear the Walking Dead)
Episode(s): 3.31.16
Erin Cahill
(Power Rangers, Resident Evil)
Episode(s): 5.5.16
Fred Coury
(Cinderella - Drummer)
Episode(s): 8.13.20
Steve Cardenas
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Episode(s): - 7.18.19


Robert Davi
(Goonies, Die Hard, The Expendables)
Episode(s): 9.21.17 - 3.1.18 - 1.9.20
Benjamin Byron Davis
(Red Dead Redemption)
Episode(s): 9.19.19
Robb Demarest
(Ghost Hunters International)
Episode(s): 11.9.17
Rochelle Davis
(The Crow)
Episode(s): 10.27.16
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
(WWE Legend)
Episode(s): 5.10.18
EG Daily
(Rugrats, Pee Wee's Big Adventure)
Episode(s): 11.12.20
Debi Derryberry
(Jimmy Neutron, F is for Family)
Episode(s): 11.14.19
Gray Griffen DeLisle
(Scooby Doo, Avatar, Fairly Oddparents)
Episode(s): 9.22.16
(Run DMC - Hip Hop Legend)
Episode(s): 4.21.16 - 9.12.19
Regina DeCicco
(Comedian, The View)
Episode(s): 4.25.19
Dinco D
(Leaders of the New School, Rapper)
Episode(s): 2.9.17 - 12.27.18
Ellen Dubin
(Napoleon Dynamite)
Episode(s): 8.30.18
Kevin Duhaney
(Power Rangers, Honey)
Episode(s): 2.21.19
Julie Dolan
(Star Wars Rebels, Lego Star Wars)
Episode(s): 9.26.19


Gigi Edgley
Episode(s): 5.26.16
Briana Evigan
(Step Up, Sorority Row)
Episode(s): 3.28.29
Josaine Espinal
Episode(s): 11.16.17


David J. Fielding
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Episode(s): 3.24.16 - 5.2.19
Jason Faunt
(Power Rangers, Resident Evil)
Episode(s): 6.16.16
Quinton Flynn
(Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts)
Episode(s): 6.22.17 - 8.6.20
Lou Ferrigno
(The Incredible Hulk, King of Queens)
Episode(s): 6.7.18
Will Friedle
(Batman Beyond, Boy Meets World)
Episode(s): 11.3.16 
Antonio Fargas
(Starsky & Hutch, Foxy Brown)
Episode(s): 4.26.18
Bernard Foing
(European Rocket Scientist)
Episode(s): 5.17.18
Summer Fontane
(The Originals, Dark Phoenix)
Episode(s): 10.29.20
Holley Fain
(Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy)
Episode(s): 3.22.18 


Noel G
(Fast and the Furious, Bruce Almighty)
Episode(s): 1.9.20
Shad Gaspard
(WWE, Get Hard, Sandy Wexler)
Episode(s): 10.17.19
Marty Grabstein
(Courage the Cowardly Dog)
Episode(s): 5.17.18 - 10.31.19
Evan Ginzburg
(The Wrestler, 350 Days)
Greg the Beast Gurenlian
(Major League Lacrosse Player)
Episode(s): 5.4.17
Joe Gaudet
(Five Nights at Freddy's)
Episode(s): 2.13.20
Malcolm J. Goodwin
(iZombie, American Gangster)
Episode(s): 4.6.17 - 3.1.18 - 6.27.19
Billy Garcia
(Survivor: Cook Islands)
Episode(s): 6.1.17
Cori Goldfarb
(Bravo's Secret's and Wives)
Episode(s): 7.19.18
Marilyn Ghigliotti
(Clerks, Shooting Clerks, View Askew)
Episode(s): 4.14.16 - 4.30.20
Eileen Grubba
(Sons of Anarchy, Hung)
Episode(s): 10.18.18
King Gordy
(Horrorcore Singer, Rapper)
Episode(s): 12.14.17
Chester Gregory
(Broadway Actor, Singer)
Episode(s): 5.24.28
Richard Grieco
(21 Jumpstreet, Thor, Booker)
Episode(s): 8.20.20
Gab Gotcha
(Wu-Tang Latino Artist, Rapper)
Episode(s): 4.21.16
Billy Graziadei
(Biohazard, Billy Bio, Powerflo)
Episode(s): 8.27.20


Tony Harnell
(TNT, Rock Singer & Songwriter)
Episode(s): 3.8.18
Larry Hama
(G.I. Joe Artist & Writer)
Episode(s): 8.1.19
Jose Hernandez, Jr.
(Oz, Gotham, Law & Order)
Episode(s): 11.30.17
Shawn Hernandez
(TNA iMPACT!, Lucha Underground)
Episode(s): 5.18.17
Ernie Hudson
(Ghostbusters, Oz, The Crow)
Episode(s): 12.22.16
(GLOW Original)
Episode(s): 1.18.18
Sarah Hartshorne
(America's Next Top Model, Comedian)
Episode(s): 6.2.16
Tommy Hobson
(Fresh Beat Band)
Episode(s): 1.17.19 
Chris Harwood
(Big Bang Theory, Author)
Episode(s): 4.14.19
Ra Hanna
(Oz, Shoot Like A Girl)
Episode(s): 10.12.17
David Harris
(The Warriors)
Episode(s): 6.2.16
Richard Horvitz
(Invader Zim, Billy and Mandy)
Episode(s): 12.8.16
Aaron Haber
Episode(s): 7.26.18
Noah Hathaway
(The NeverEnding Story)
Episode(s): 10.22.20




Randy Jones
(The Village People)
Episode(s): 10.13.16
Bryan Johnson
(Comic Book Men)
Episode(s): 1.11.18
Walter E. Jones
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Episode(s): 1.26.17 - 8.22.19
Halina James
(Model, Actress)
Episode(s): 5.17.18
Wes Johnson
(Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim)
Carlos Jahsir
(Making the Band, Singer)
Episode(s): 10.12.17


Ken Kelly
(Legendary Artist & Painter)
Episode(s): 7.5.18
Larry Kenney
(Thundercats, Count Chocula)
Episode(s): 3.16.17 - 7.4.19
Tom Kane
(Star Wars, Powerpuff Girls, Foster's)
Lloyd Kaufman
(Troma Entertainment)
Episode(s): 6.8.17
Johnny Kelly
(Type-O-Negative, Danzig - Drummer)
Episode(s): 10.6.16
Bruce Kulick
(KISS - Guitarist)
Episode(s): 3.19.20
Kevin Kleinberg
(Power Rangers)
Episode(s): 5.3.18
Kerri Kenney-Silver
(Reno 911, Viva Variety, Trolls)
Episode(s): 11.21.19 - 1.16.20
Donnie Klang
(Making the Band, Singer)
Episode(s): 8.17.17
Gary Klar
(Day of the Dead, Big, Hackers)
Episode(s): 2.23.17
Chris Kirkpatrick
(NSYNC, The Fairly Oddparents)
Episode(s): 9.3.20
Madigan Kacmar
(Disney Jr's Chuggington)
Episode(s): 10.15.20


Kim Leemans
(America's Next Top Model)
Episode(s): 3.10.16 - 6.8.17
Daniel Logan
(Star Wars, Star Wars: Clone Wars)
Episode(s): 12.29.16 - 9.10.20
Jene Luciani
(Bravo's Mad Fashion, QVC, Author)
Episode(s): 11.8.18
Phil Lamarr
(Mad Tv, Pulp Fiction, Samurai Jack)
Jeff Lowe
(Netflix's Tiger King)
Episode(s): 6.18.20
Katrina Law
(Arrow, Hawaii Five-O)
Episode(s): 2.16.17
Dr. Sandra Lee
(Dr. Pimple Popper)
Episode(s): 2.2.17
Jim Lin
(Dad Blogger)
Episode(s): 11.1.18
(Planet 12, Amy Winehouse, P-Funk)
Episode(s): 3.12.20
Arizona Lindsey
(Singer & Songwriter)
Episode(s): 2.20.20
Kevin Lieber
(Vsauce, YouTube Star)
Episode(s): 2.28.19
Kelly Lintz
(Army Wives, We're the Millers)
Episode(s): 11.19.20


Rod Morganstein
(Winger, Dixie Dregs - Drummer)
Episode(s): 8.31.17
Constantine Maroulis
(American Idol, Rock of Ages)
Episode(s): 3.7.19
Moses Moseley
(The Walking Dead)
Episode(s): 5.11.17
Brennan Mejia
(Power Rangers, Kaboom)
Episode(s): 1.30.20 
Kel Mitchell
(All That, Good Burger, Game Shakers)
Episode(s): 5.19.16 - 2.7.19
Noel MacNeal
(Bear in the Big Blue House)
Episode(s): 4.16.20
Charles Martinet
(Nintendo's Mario, Luigi, Wario)
Episode(s): 1.5.17 -
Jason R. Moore
(The Punisher, Sorcerer's Apprentice)
Brandon Miree
(NFL Broncos & Green Bay Packers)
Episode(s): 1.5.17
D'yon Musiq
(American Idol, X Factor, Singer)
Episode(s): 3.5.20
Carey Means
(Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Brak Show)
Episode(s): 3.14.19
Malcolm McRoberts
(Small Business Revolution)
Episode(s): 11.22.18
Mike MacFarland
(Dragon Ball Z)
Episode(s): 1.10.19
Frank Mullen
(Suffocation - Death Metal Singer)
Episode(s): 3.29.18
Tim McCormack
(Star Trek: Next Generation)
Episode(s): 9.20.18
Chef Marc Murphy
Episode(s): 9.24.20
Alex McKenna
(Red Dead Redemption)
Episode(s): 11.7.19


Dan Nelson
(Anthrax - Metal Singer)
Episode(s): 11.17.16
Terry Naughton
(Disney Artist: Aladdin, Lion King)
Episode(s): 4.13.17
Justin Nesbit
(USS Indianapolis Men of Courage)
Episode(s): 9.14.17


Ernie O'Donnell
(Clerks, Chasing Amy, View Askew)
Episode(s): 11.23.1712.19.19
Brian O'Halloran
(Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy)
Episode(s): 5.19.16
Fred (Tugboat/Typhoon) Ottman
(WWE Legend)
Episode(s): 11.29.18
Joe Ochman
(Swan Princess, Garfield the Movie)
Episode(s): 12.20.18
Leilene Ondrade
(Flavor of Love, Charm School)
Episode(s): 9.28.17
Steven Ogg
(The Walking Dead, Grand Theft Auto)
Episode(s): 4.5.18


Tara Perry
(Fresh Beat Band)
Episode(s): 11.15.18
Rob Paulsen
(Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain)
Episode(s): 12.5.19 
Chef Tim Peterson
(Chopped, Food Network)
Episode(s): 5.19.16
Rob Pannell
(Major League Lacrosse Player)
Episode(s): 5.11.17
Laura Post
(Batman: The Enemy Within, Pokemon)
Episode(s): 12.7.17
Juan Gabriel Pareja
(The Walking Dead)
Episode(s): 2.8.18
Adam Poch
(Big Brother)
Episode(s): 9.7.17 
Bonnie Piesse
(Star Wars)
Episode(s): 5.9.19
Seth Peterson
(Burn Notice, Providence)
Episode(s): 6.29.17 
Rob Prior
(Tech9ne Artist, Producer)
Episode(s): 12.3.20
Khary Payton
(The Walking Dead, Teen Titans Go!)
Episode(s): 12.10.20




Rodney Ramos
(Marvel, DC, Artist)
Episode(s): 5.4.17
Nova Rockafeller
(Rapper & Singer)
Episode(s): 11.24.16
Sara Richard
(Watercolor Artist, My Little Pony)
Episode(s): 1.24.19
Bill Rogers
(Pokemon, Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
Episode(s): 5.25.17
Chris Reed
(Sons of Anarchy)
Episode(s): 10.20.16
Jaret Reddick
(Bowling for Soup - Singer)
Episode(s): 3.26.20
Jasmine Rodriguez
(Tattoo Nightmares)
Episode(s): 4.28.16
Jordan Rudess
(Dream Theater - Keyboardist)
Episode(s): 8.23.18
Alan Robert
(Life of Agony - Bassist)
Episode(s): 4.21.16 - 6.7.18
Deep Roy
(Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Episode(s): 4.28.16
Paul Rabil
(Major League Lacrosse Player)
Episode(s): 4.27.17
Lukas Rossi
(Rock Star Supernova, Singer)
Episode(s): 7.9.20
Chef Lawrence Rosenberg
(Guy's Grocery Games, Bacon Bites)
Episode(s): 12.13.18
Kendra Jade Rossi
(Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew)
Episode(s): 7.30.20
Rikki Rockett
(Poison - Drummer)
Episode(s): 10.8.20


Sean Schemmel
(Dragon Ball Z - Voice of Goku)
Episode(s): 12.1.16 - 4.27.17 - 5.7.20
Kinnik Sky
(American Idol, Singer)
Episode(s): 6.15.17
Scott Schiaffo
(Clerks, Vulgar, View Askew)
Episode(s): 3.2.17
Chef Jonathan Scinto
(Family Kitchen Revival)
Episode(s): 4.7.16 - 1.25.18 - 2.27.20
Erica Schroeder
(Pokemon, G.I. Joe Sigma 6, Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Episode(s): 4.11.19 - 9.17.20
Austin St. John
(Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Episode(s): 2.15.18
Rikki Simons
(Invader Zim - Voice of GIR)
Episode(s): 4.20.17
IronE Singleton
(The Walking Dead, The Blind Side)
Episode(s): 6.9.16 - 10.26.17
Jesse Snider
(Singer & Songwriter)
Episode(s):  6.9.16 - 4.9.20
(The Pussycat Dolls)
Episode(s): 3.17.16
Danny Schuler
(Biohazard - Drummer)
Episode(s): 5.31.18
Chef Chris Santos
(Chopped - Food Network)
Episode(s): 6.4.20
Catherine Sutherland
(Power Rangers, The Cell)
Episode(s): 9.29.16
Tabitha Stevens
(Adult Film Star)
Episode(s): 8.3.17
Felix Silla
(Addams Family, Buck Rogers)
Episode(s): 2.14.19
Carole Snuka
(Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka's Wife)
Episode(s): 11.29.18
Andre Stojka
(Winnie the Pooh - Voice of Owl)
Episode(s): 8.16.18
Mia St. John
(Women's World Boxing Champion)
Episode(s): 12.7.17
Jaymee Sire
(ESPN, Food Network)
Episode(s): 5.16.19
Tami Stronach
(The NeverEnding Story)
Episode(s): 10.1.20
Mindy Sterling
(Austin Powers, iCarly, A.N.T. Farm)
Episode(s): 11.26.20


(Country Music Singers)
Veronica Taylor
(Pokemon - Ash Ketchum)
Episode(s): 12.21.17 - 4.18.19
Marshall Teague
(Road House, Armageddon)
Episode(s): 6.1.17
Scottie Thompson
(NCIS, Graceland, Skyline)
Episode(s): 3.21.19
(Black Eyed Peas)
Episode(s): 2.22.18
Lew Temple
(The Walking Dead, Devil's Rejects)
Episode(s): 6.25.20


Claire Unabia
(America's Next Top Model, Westworld)
Episode(s): 5.17.18


Rob Van Dam
(WWE Legend, TNA iMPACT!, ECW)
Episode(s): 3.31.16
Ricky Vitus
(SyFy's Face Off)
Episode(s): 10.11.18
Sal Valentinetti
(America's Got Talent, Singer)
Episode(s): 8.10.17
Lisa Marie Varon