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JUNE 11/2021

"Who among us hasn’t listened to something with an unforeseen moment of spontaneous comedy and The Grindhouse Radio is your next favorite podcast, you just don’t know it yet. As someone who recently started their own podcast, it’s tough. You want to remain consistently engaging and have this feeling of forwarding momentum. It’s a conversation we’re invited into, and as we all know, some conversations are better left unheard for a variety of reasons. Since 2015, Brimstone, Kim Adragna, and Tom Greer have boiled this showdown to a science. In a tight two hours that just fly by (for better or worse), you’re thrown into the perfect pop culture cocktail stream of thoughts.had to contain ourselves from laughing like a crazy person less a stranger gives us funny looks. The Grindhouse Radio epitomizes the feeling of catching up and laughing with friends to an almost scary degree."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Troy Johnstone; Official Fame Magazine

JUNE 5/2021

"GHR has been cranking out countless episodes since 2015 and bulldozing awards ceremonies left and right. It’s a pop culture podcast that covers a variety of current events, politics, video games, movies, and more. Each episode dedicates a certain amount of time to each subject, but the way the group weaves in and out of topics is exciting and at the very least, never boring."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Jodi Marxbury; Daily Pop News

JUNE 4/2021

"With the soaring popularity of podcasts and the fact that we’ve all been trapped indoors for the past year and craving human sounds and interaction, there’s no better feeling than a level of closeness in finding the right sound. From New York, NY The Grindhouse Radio, this fantastic group consisting of *deep breath* Pro Wrestler, Musician, Author, Food Critic and MORE, Brimstone, Actress model, writer and voice-over artist Kim Adragna, and Producer, talent and editor Tom Greer."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Nicole Killian; Mob York City

The Grindhouse Radio Continues to Surge

JUNE 4/2021

"Who among us hasn’t listened to something with an unforeseen moment of spontaneous comedy and had to contain ourselves from laughing like a crazy person less a stranger gives us funny looks. The Grindhouse Radio epitomizes the feeling of catching up and laughing with friends to an almost scary degree.."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Garth Thomas; The Hollywood Digest

Brimstone: 5 Things You Need To Create a Successful Food Line or Specialty Food

OCTOBER 26/2020

"Direction — Know where you want to go and plan ahead the road map to get there. Ensure you are aligned with the right partners to assure quality control — your product and brand are only as good as their reputation, co-packers don’t normally have skin in the game."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Chef Vicky Colas; Authority Magazine

Interview with Author – Brimstone

OCTOBER 9/2020

"I've always enjoyed performing for others in all forms of entertainment; however writing is something that I can actually enjoy personally as well! I'm a creative person – and when I don't have an outlet to direct that creativity… I get antsy.."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Interviews with Writers; National

Catching Up with Brimstone: CEO & President of Grindhouse Radio


"Professional wrestler, actor, and radio host Brimstone is the president, CEO, and an on-air talent on Grindhouse Radio. He chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos while quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Markos Papadatos; Digital Journal

Taste On The Beach' Photos: Long Beach Film Festival Makes Waves

AUGUST 4/2018

"Walk along the beach with Daniela's Lens as we go behind the scenes at the Long Beach International Film Festival in Long Island!"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Daniela Kirsch: Patch; Long Island, NY

From Westworld to Moon World on Grindhouse Radio


"A national radio broadcast featuring space scientist Bernard Foing, Westworld actress Claire Unabia and artist Matthew James discussing the possibilities of space travel and habitation with Brimstone and the cast of Grindhouse Radio"  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - EPSC 2018; European Planetary Science Congress

Anatomy of an Entrepreneur Kim Adragna Ep. 21

NOVEMBER 27/2018

"Interview with Kim Adragna of The Grindhouse Radio. "  [WATCH INTERVIEW HERE]

 - The Streamcast Networks; Long Island, NY

Grindhouse Five Bantering Towards Stardom

March 28/2019

"Two years ago, Grindhouse Radio was an up-and-comer that had just been nominated as the best radio show in Bethpage Federal Credit Union’s Best of Long Island competition."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Timothy Denton; LI Herald; Long Island, NY

The Grindhouse is a Champion in Small Business

MAY 10/2018

"The Grindhouse Radio is a contender in SCORE’s American Small Business Championship. The multimedia platform is the only business from New York to earn the honor, which included a weekend of networking and training in Reno, Nevada from April 23 through 26."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Brian Stieglitz; LI Herald; Long Island, NY

Legislator Ferretti Welcomes The Grindhouse Radio to Levittown

MAY 10/2018

"Legislator John R. Ferretti, Jr. welcomes The Grindhouse Radio to Levittown at the Grand Opening of their Levittown location on Thursday, May 24, 2018."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Legislator John R. Ferretti, Jr; LI Local News; Long Island, NY

Welcome to the Grindhouse II

FEBRUARY 17/2017

"Shoppers at the Broadway Mall in Hicksville crowded around the personalities of Grindhouse Radio, an online pop-culture talk show that features a Merrick native as a host, and recently won the Bethpage Best of Long Island Best Radio Station title."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Brian Stieglitz; LI Herald; Long Island, NY

Who Are The Best Entertainers on Long Island?

JULY 1/2020

"For all things pop culture, tune into The Grindhouse Radio. The award-winning, nationally syndicated talk radio show is featured on iHeartRadio and boasts 3.5-4 million listeners weekly worldwide—with 620,000 on Long Island alone."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Long Island Press; Long Island, NY

Levittown-Based Radio Named Top On Long Island

APRIL 4/2019

"You just want to give back to the community,” the team at Grindhouse Radio said. It’s unique. It’s unfiltered. It’s everything you’d expect out of a group of Long Islanders. Guests range from makeup artist Bobbi Brown to Kel Mitchel, who starred in the hit ’90s series Kenan and Kel, actor and trainer Lou Ferrigno, as well as dozens of others.[READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Joseph Wolkin; Levittown Tribune; Long Island, NY

Ruth's Mustard Donates to St. Jude Children's Hospital

JULY 24/2019

"What have you donated your time, money, or efforts to lately? Ruth’s Mustard LLC has joined with Brimstone in creating and selling #SlatherSome Brimstone Ground Maple Habanero Mustard with 100% of the profits to be donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - The Vermont Journal; Vermont

Winners of 2017 Bethpage Best of Long Island Gather for Victory Party

MARCH 29/2017

"Hundreds of business owners came together to celebrate their victories as the best companies in Nassau and Suffolk counties during the 2017 Bethpage Best of Long Island winners dinner party at the Chateau Briand in Carle Place, on Monday, March 27."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Anthony Giudice; QNS; New York

60 Seconds With… Kim Adragna Earplug Podcast Network

JULY 27/2020

"Join DW each week as he hits the streets to hit the hard hitting questions that others are afraid to ask. On this episode DW meets up with Grindhouse Radio Co-Host and Earplug Podcast family member, Kimberly Adragna.[LISTEN HERE]

 - DW; Earplug Podcast Network, National

60 Seconds With… Brimstone Earplug Podcast Network

JULY 29/2020

"Join DW each week as he hits the streets to hit the hard hitting questions that others are afraid to ask. On this episode DW meets up with Grindhouse Radio Co-Host and Earplug Podcast family member,Brimstone.[LISTEN HERE]

 - DW; Earplug Podcast Network, National

'MEET & GREET' The Cast of The Grindhouse Radio - Voted Best Radio Station on Long Island

FEBRUARY 11/2017

"The Grindhouse Radio & Broadway Mall would like to invite YOU to celebrate GHR being voted the 2017 'Best Radio Station on Long Island' in the Best of LI competition!"  [READ ABOUT EVENT HERE]

 - The Broadway Mall;

The Grindhouse Radio: FREE Giveaways and Meet & Greet

MARCH 17/2018

"The Grindhouse Radio of iHeartRadio, in accordance with the Broadway Mall would like to invite YOU to celebrate GHR being voted the 2018 ‘Best Radio Station on Long Island’ in the Best of LI competition!"  [READ ABOUT EVENT HERE]

 - Long Island Pulse; Long Island; New York



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APRIL 1/2021

"Zoom products have been a game-changer—they’ve essentially leveled the playing field between GHR’s professional studio and our touring rig. Each time you think Zoom has outdone itself, the next generation comes along and blows our minds again. GHR is only as good as the equipment we use. That’s why we use Zoom—they’re the best! " 

 - ZOOM North America

DECEMBER 30/2019

"A child actor turned professional wrestler turned media personality is steering his high-decibel energy toward building what he hopes will become a Long Island podcasting giant." 

 - Kenneth Schachter: Newsday; Long Island, NY


"For five years running, the American Small Business Championship has been an unparalleled program driving small business growth and sustainability across the U.S. We are so proud of these three exceptionally-accomplished and hardworking Grand Champions, each of whom embody a diverse snapshot of the American small business landscape," said Resa Kierstein, Vice President of Development for SCORE.

- Betsy Dougert: SCORE; National

Brim_GHR_Photo Credit Steven Velasquez_M
JANUARY 4/2019

"Professional wrestler, actor and radio host Brimstone chatted with Digital Journal about his radio station Grindhouse Radio, his "Best of Long Island" wins, as well as the digital transformation of the entertainment business."

 - Markos Papadatos: Digital Journal; National

JANUARY 13/2019

"Vibe” they did as they “crammed around a single microphone on an open desk after hours. Everything clicked. The chemistry was exactly where it needed to be." 

 - SCORE Small Business; National

Newsday Feb_8_2017(1).png

"At a studio in Albertson late on a Monday night, the Grindhouse Radio gang is at odds on the air over a hot topic: Which actor should portray James Bond next?" 

 - David J. Criblez: Newsday; Long Island, NY

JANUARY 20/2020

"People can relate to our banter…due to those intimate relationships we more often than not get stories that have never been told in a public forum before… we don’t interview people, we have conversations." 

 - Tracy Hazzard: Authority Magazine, Medium

Kim Headphone Pic.png

"Celebrity radio, podcast host and voice actress Kim Adragna of The Grindhouse Radio, Inc., has been selected by Long Island Business News for the Class of 2019, 30 under 30 Awards." 

 - Amy DiLeo: Patch, Long Island, NY

JULY 5/2017

"For one Long Island-based radio show, beefing up its local presence didn’t take much more than burgers, craft beer and a little pop culture." 

 - Jenna Macri: LI Business News,;Long Island, NY

NOVEMBER 28/2018

"On-air personalities have enhanced their “celebrity status” in recent years via personal websites; social media and professional homepages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.); and by becoming bloggers." 

 - Mike Kinosian: Talkers; National

APRIL 1/2020

"A show that is designed to appeal to everyone, from a group of not-so "normal" people. Carefully crafted into a TWO HOUR talk radio show, the Grindhouse cast offers listeners their weekly pop culture fix seamlessly blended into a precise format." 

 - In Your Ears: Podcast Magazine; National

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Reviews For The Grindhouse Radio


 - Pod Paradise, National

Ahimsa: The Power of His Message UN Women's Guild (Getty Images)

OCTOBER 2/2017

"Veronica Lee Anne, Josaine Espinal, Brimstone and Kim Adragna in attendance at Ahimsa: The Power of His Message UN Women's Guild Luncheon honoring ENGIE CEO Madame Isabelle Kocher at United Nations Plaza on October 2, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images for New Generation In Action/ AFI World Peace Initiative)"  [SEE PHOTOS HERE] & [HERE]

 - Getty Images; National

Grindhouse Radio Stars Hosting Broadway Commons Mall Meet-and-Greet

MARCH 15/2018

"Fans of The Grindhouse Radio will have a chance to meet the cast during a meet-and-greet event at the Broadway Commons Mall in Hicksville this weekend.[READ ABOUT EVENT HERE]

 - Long Island Press, Long Island, New York

Long Islanders Voted The Grindhouse Radio Best Radio Station!


"Local radio stations are the voices of the region and Long Island’s radio stations come complete with our own Long Island accent – as distinctive and interesting as the people themselves. They provide the soundtrack to our workdays, morning commutes, and backyard barbecues. Here are the best ones on the Island."  [SEE ARTICLE HERE]

 - The Long Island Press; Best of Long Island

The Grindhouse Radio on Everipedia

"The Grindhouse Radio is a two hour, weekly, "celebrity driven" pop culture Talk radio series that is featured on iHeartRadio, iTunes and a variety of other syndicated networks worldwide. Otherwise known as GHR, listeners can expect to hear about current news and events, comics, music, geeky gadgetry, sports and movies among other topics."  [READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Everipedia Wiki; National


JULY 10/2019

"This year’s first cook-off will begin at the Deer Park Tanger Outlets, Saturday, July 13, where we will host a team of five chefs from Suffolk County PD versus The Famous Meatballers (Team of firemen)."  [READ ABOUT EVENT HERE]

 - Aeryk; Famous Food Festival, National

GHR Live Event Coverage


"The cast of, The Grindhouse Radio – thanks their fans for voting them, Best Radio Station on Long Island, for the second year in a row by giving away over $15k worth of free prizes at the Broadway Commons in Hicksville, New York. This short captures the magic and electricity of not only the event itself; however the passion and energy that keeps this crew at the top of their game. Watch as Brimstone, Kim Adragna, Zambo, Mr. Greer, Guy Brogna, Scott Eisenberg, Kevin Dempsey and Desi Sanchez give back to the community and bring the Grindhouse to life right in front of your very eyes.[READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - Tough Monkey, National

GHR at The Great Philadelphia Comic Con

"The Grindhouse Radio, also known as GHR is an internationally syndicated, award winning, pop culture talk radio series that is featured on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and 19 other syndicated networks with between 3.5 – 4 million listeners weekly worldwide. The Grindhouse has been ranked as high as #15 on the Overall worldwide charts for iTunes, with a weekly spot in the Top 20 Best Comedic Podcasts worldwide ranking highest at #6. Since 2015, GHR has become a trusted, daily destination for the fans."


 - The Great Philadelphia Comic Con; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Brimstone found me through Karan Ashley’s Instagram page around the time of NYCC.  He reached out to me and was interested in getting pops made of him and his co-hosts of the Grindhouse Radio."


 - Jalen Vasquez; National

The Grindhouse Radio Custom Pops & Packaging

San Diego Comic Con 2019 Welcomes Back Brimstone and The Grindhouse Radio

JULY 11/2019

"Long Island pop culture and award winning podcast, The Grindhouse Radio and former professional wrestler/current entertainer Brimstone will be signing at this year's Comic Con in San Diego on July 18, 19, 20, and 21st.[READ ARTICLE HERE]

 - The Free Library; National

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