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Podcasting 101:
Estimated Program Run Time: 1.25 Hours

Podcasting 101 is a beginner’s guide that encompasses the fundamentals of everything you need to develop a podcast. Soup to nuts, beginning to end - Join celebrity cast members of the internationally syndicated, award winning, The Grindhouse Radio! Keeping millions of people entertained weekly is their job – attendees will learn the ropes from professional podcasters who were not only voted Best Radio Station on Long Islandthe last four consecutive years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020); but were also named 2018 Small Business Grand Champions nationally (SCORE’s American Small Business Awards), and spent the greater portion of 2018 in the weekly rankings of iTunes (Highest ranked #6 worldwide in Comedy& #15 on the Overall worldwide charts). Hopefuls are guided through this exclusive course that will put any candidate on the proper path to success, including the importance of a game plan, differences between traditional “terrestrial” radio and podcasting, basic business strategy, explanation of content, branding, basic legal (IE: trademarking, royalty free, partnerships, DBA’s), basic social media marketing and understanding, basic equipment, etc. – wrapped in a fun, friendly, informative and affordable package.**Rates upon request

Podcasting 101
Podcasting 201:
Estimated Program Run Time: 1.25 Hours

The perfect follow up to Podcasting 101.Now that we’ve gotten the attendees fired up about the idea of podcasting and prepping them to get started… The Grindhouse Radio brings you Podcasting 201 – expanding on the building blocks of the initial class.During this seminar, the cast members will go in depth on building out a more defined and polished product. Audio technology will take a prominent seat in this discussion, including key elements such as trouble shooting, breaking down and understanding equipment (IE: interfaces, mixers, recording software, etc). Expect a deeper understanding of building a brand, in depth approach to social media marketing and promotion, basic sales and marketing, and more! Where 101 offers a general knowledge of podcasting – this advanced course is specifically designed to enhance the knowledge previously learned, answer questions, and essentially develop a professional podcast. The main focus is to keep both beginners and intermediate attendees engaged in a fun, friendly, informative and affordable package. **Rates upon request

Podcasting 201
Podasting 301:
Estimated Program Run Time: 2 Hours

Advanced Session – This course should be considered something along the lines of a mentorship. It’s specifically meant to assist current podcasters seeking assistance, direction or just a friendly pat on the back letting them know they’re doing something right! The cast assists each attendee by answering personalized questions encompassing anything related to podcasting. Popular questions include, how to monetize, how to expand on audience, building a brand, incorporating, etc.


Podcasting 301
Social Media & Marketing:
Estimated Program Run Time: 1 Hour

What IS Social Media? To most people it is the bane of one’s existence; however – it is an indispensable window to the entire world at the tip of your finger! Join the celebrity cast of, The Grindhouse Radio for an in depth look at social media outlets, the differences between them and how to use them to your advantage. Attendees will learn about what outlets can help them move forward in business, entertainment, or just personal use! This seminar takes a normally stressful subject and makes it fun, entertaining and palatable for the beginner as well as intermediate user. The cast explains the big three (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) in an easily consumable format that discusses influencing (influencers), verification, engagement and more! Don’t learn from people who “sell services”, learn from personalities who utilize this form of media every day to engage a large and demanding audience! Did we mention that GHR’s Brimstone was voted as having the Best Twitter Account from Long Island 2018 & 2019? Time to learn from some of the most engaging individuals LI has to offer!

Social Media & Marketing
Branding on a Shoe String Budget:
Estimated Program Run Time: 1 Hour

There are many aspects that go into running a successful business and building a brand. Are you thinking about starting or improving your business? Allow our small business and branding experts to share with you some useful tips on starting, maintaining and building a business on a shoe string budget. Ask questions, get help overcoming obstacles and get a new outlook on how to succeed. Perfect for creative businesses, entertainers, etc. **Rates upon request

Branding on a Shoe String Budget
How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry:
Estimated Program Run Time: 1 Hour

Join the GHR cast as they discuss the do's and don'ts for furthering your career in entertainment. Learn what to watch out for, how to access the legitimacy and reputation of industry professionals and how to earn media attention without the expense of a PR Firm. The entertainment biz is a tough – dog eat dog world; allow them to teach you trade tips on surviving in the industry! This is a fully interactive workshop where attendees should come prepared to ask questions and be a part of this learning experience. **Rates upon request

How to Succeed in the Entertainment Industry

All of our Workshops are interchangeable and can range from ONE to FOUR hours depending on how extensive YOU would like them to be. Rates are subject to length and cast attendance. When speaking with your representative – please be advised that The Grindhouse Radio does offer budget efficient rates especially when booking the cast for multiple dates throughout the year.

Thank you again for your interest in potentially being a part of the 2020 - 2021 Tour Schedule! We look forward to working with you and building a trusted relationship with your staff, students and patrons. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We appreciate your time & consideration.


Please e-mail requests to - Only serious requests will be considered for review.

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