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Thank you for your interest in The Grindhouse Radio

From the bottom of our hearts... the cast and crew of The Grindhouse Radio want to thank each and every one of you for your interest, love and constant support!


We absolutely appreciate receiving comments, suggestions, questions, requests and submissions from all of you; however we DO request that if seeking to contact us... please review this page thoroughly as to ensure YOUR message is being sent to and received by the proper person!





64 Division Avenue, Suite LL3

Levittown, New York 11756

TEL: 516.308.0582 | FAX: 516.731.3074

Advertising and/or Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you are a Business who is looking to Advertise or become a Sponsor of The Grindhouse Radio, please contact our Sales and Marketing Director: Rebecca Heins at 516.308.0582 Ext. 1006 or e-mail her at


Please specify which cast member you are looking to discuss potential product endorsements with, as well as information regarding the product and company itself. Samples may be forwarded to the address below.

The Grindhouse Radio – Endorsements
64 Divison Avenue, Suite LL3, Levittown, New York 11756



Public Relations:

Please forward all media requests for The Grindhouse Radio and its cast members to our PR Firm, GHR PR Agency attention Monique D'Anna.

GHR Studios Rental:

Are you interested in renting the GHR Studio space for your Podcast:

Tom Greer in Network Development at 516.308.0582 or email him at to schedule a Studio Tour.

Snail Fan Mail for the GHR Crew:


The Grindhouse Radio - Fan Mail
P.O. Box 803, Levittown, New York 11756



Product for Review & Discussion:

The Grindhouse Radio - Product Reviews
64 Divison Avenue, Suite LL3, Levittown, New York 11756

** Please be advised that forwarding materials does NOT guarantee that your product will be discussed on GHR, reviewed on the GHR Website, or any of the cast members Official Websites.

** GHR does accept product for review within reason. If you are looking to forward any materials, please understand that you will NOT be receiving these articles back. They become the sole property of The Grindhouse Radio, Inc.. Please forward packages as specified and outlined above. **


Comic Book Reviews:

Please send Digital Copies along with Contact Information to:

Please send any Physical Copies to:

The Pop News

c/o The Grindhouse Radio – Rob Medina
64 Division Avenue, Suite LL3, Levittown NY 11756



Sports Related Inquiries:
The Grindhouse Radio – Tom Greer
64 Divison Avenue, Suite LL3, Levittown New York 11756



Music, Musical Instruments & Product Related Inquiries:
c/o The Grindhouse Radio – Rockin in the Wylde World
64 Divison Avenue, Suite LL3, Levittown New York 11756


Gaming Related Inquiries:

The Grindhouse Radio – LFam Gaming News

64 Divison Avenue, Suite LL3, Levittown, New York 11756


Guest Booking (Celebrity Guest Appearances on GHR):

Please forward all requests for booking in studio and call-in celebrity guest appearances to:

** Please be aware that the GHR Guest List books up weeks or months in advance - If you are seeking a specific time period... please specify and we will do our best to accommodate.

** Please be advised that The Grindhouse Radio is a weekly show which is pre-recorded in the Long Island, New York area on Monday Evenings. If your client will be in the area and would like to be on the show – Let us know the time frame in your e-mail as well as what they would like to promote (if anything). GHR does NOT conduct traditional interviews; however involves guests within the show itself and spotlights the guest’s current projects.


Please feel free to browse our up to date Guest List.

Interested in having GHR join YOUR Web/Radio/Podcast Network:

Please forward all questions, concerns, or requests to us with all pertinent information concerning your Network to:


Having Issues with the GHR Website:

Please forward all questions and/or concerns to:


Event Booking for GHR Cast Members:

Please forward all Pop Culture Comic Con, Podcasting, Library, School and University requests to the Attention of our Tour Coordinator: Mike Goncalves

TEL: 516.308.0582


Interview and Media Requests for GHR Cast Members:

For Press and Media inquiries, please contact our PR & Social Media Managers: Monique D’Anna & Geraldine Pichardo

TEL: 516.308.0582


For any General Contact or to send Fan Mail to GHR or its Cast:

Please fill out the Form below...

Thanks for love!

Please Be Advised of the Following:

** ANY and ALL forwarding of unsolicited material(s) does NOT guarantee a response from ANY of the GHR Cast members. Any product(s) sent becomes the sole propety of The Grindhouse Radio, Inc. and does NOT guarantee that your product(s) will be discussed on GHR, reviewed on the GHR Website, or any of the rest of the cast members Official Websites. It is at the discretion of our Cast members who and what they choose to cover and/or promote on-air, on-site and via social media. 

This includes: Any materials, hard copies or digital comic books sent to Rob in 
The Pop News. Sports related materials, or products discussed on GHR by PNG Sports. Any games or tech products discussed on GHR by LiKwaiLao on LFam's Gaming News. Any music, music products, reviews or discounts discussed on GHR by Jenn Wylde on Rockin in the Wylde World.
Any Women(s) stories, guest requests, women owned products, fitness products etc., discussed on GHR by Amy Palmiero-Winters on the Leading Ladies segment. Any food, food related materials including knives, cutting boards or other kitchen; or BBQ utensils, etc. sent for Savor the Flavor.



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