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Voice Actor Rob Wiethoff Joins The Grindhouse Radio

Voice of John Marston in Red Dead Redemption Joins The Grindhouse Radio appears as this Week's Celebrity Guest on Long Island’s #1 Radio Station

LEVITTOWN, NY – (April 1st, 2021) – Actor and v

oice actor Rob Wiethoff who plays the wild west character 'John Marston' in Red Dead Redmeption and Red Dead Redemption 2 joins this week's episode of The Grindhouse Radio. Wiethoff joins Brimstone, Kim Adragna and Tom Greer to discuss his latest projects, life in quarantine, voice acting, video games and life owning a chicken coop. Tune in to this week's episode on Thursday, April 1st, 2021 starting at 7pm EST | 4pm PST via the GHR Official Website (, or any of over 25 syndicated networks including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.

About Rob Wiethoff:

Rob Wiethoff is best known for providing the voice and motion capture for John Marston in the 2010 video game Red Dead Redemption, its expansion Undead Nightmare, and the 2018 prequel Red Dead Redemption 2. The video games are based on former outlaws forced by the federal government to hunt down the members of old gangs amidst the decline of the Wild West at the turn of the 19th century.

His role in the game has earned Wiethoff widespread critical acclaim and he was placed fourth in the top 10 best video game voice actors in a list compiled by Game Informer. He has won several awards for his performance including the Design Innovate Communicate Entertain Award for Outstanding Character Performance in 2011.Born in Seymour , Indiana, Wiethoff completed a degree in general studies at Indiana University. Whilst at university his girlfriend moved to Los Angeles, and after visiting her in the city decided to move there to pursue acting roles in films.

His big break came in 2008 when he had reached the audition stage for an new video game project, yet to be given a title. Several days later he found out that he had won a role in Red Dead Redemption, published by Rockstar Games. The leading role of playable protagonist and former outlaw John Marston was life changing for Marston, and he provided both the motion capture and voice for the now iconic video game character.

Follow Rob Wiethoff on Social Media:

Instagram: @Rob_Wiethoff

Twitter: @Rob_Wiethoff

About The Grindhouse Radio: The Grindhouse Radio is an internationally syndicated, award-winning, pop culture ‘talk-radio style’ podcast series. GHR is conveniently available on over 25 Digital outlets and Terrestrial radio networks, has a listenership of between 3.5 to 4 million weekly worldwide and offers a weekly celebrity guest. GHR covers a variety of topics including pop culture related news, food, comics, music, geeky gadgetry, sports, movies and SO much more perfectly blended into a 2-hour show. The Grindhouse Radio releases new episodes every Thursday night at 7pm EST | 4pm PST. To learn more about GHR and the cast, please visit:

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