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Tom's Takes: Another Hurdle Cleared By Uncle Stevie

By: Tom Greer

It was only yesterday at 1:45pm that we learned yet another hurdle in Steve Cohen’s (aka Uncle Stevie) quest to be the savior of the New York Mets was not just cleared; but it was demolished! If it wasn’t for the lone “no” by White Sox Chairman, Jerry Reisndorf... it would have been a unanimous 8-0 vote in favor of Uncle Stevie receiving the opportunity to become the richest owner in Baseball. Now, the old cynical, hate filled, constantly enraged, Mets fan... that once existed... probably would consider Jerry Reinsdorf public enemy #1 and just have an irrational hatred for the White Sox. Uncle Stevie, however... has enlightened me! I am a new man. A man with hope! Someone who can see the light at the end of what was once a long dark tunnel. So no... I wish no ill will towards Mr. Reinsdorff, because his vote really didn’t

matter. It went 7-1 in favor of Mr. Cohen taking over controlling stake in the New York Mets which leaves us with one or possibly TWO more obstacles in his way. He of course still needs 23 of the 29 owners to approve him joining their ranks. Now though, allegedly - according to Bob Nightingale of USA Today... Mayor Bill DeBlasio can stick his notoriously unfit Mayoral hands into the situation and review this potential sale. This is all stemming from Uncle Stevie’s hedge fund, pleading guilty to securities and wire fraud back in 2013. Allegedly, according to Mr. Nightingale... though Cohen himself wasn’t charged with anything, this still warrants DeBlasios input.

Now it remains to be seen whether good ole' Bill DeBlasio is going to add the 'Mets Sale' into the ever growing file of things he has absolutely ruined. Curiously enough, there are even questions to the authenticity of what Nightingale is reporting. Even so, what would be the benefit from DeBlasio not allowing a Billionaire like Steve Cohen buy the Mets and just rake in those tax dollars for New York and the City? Maybe it’s the new outlook I previously mentioned, maybe I’m just looking at things through rose colored glasses; but I just can’t envision a reason or scenario where it falls through. We have come SO far, Uncle Stevie is JUST about to cross the finish line and there’s no way he can be stopped now!

Nothing and I repeat NOTHING is going to stop this man from buying the team he loves, and in turn - becoming the richest owner in all of Baseball! So rich that he eclipses the top 3 owners in the league combined! I’ve said before that there is a new 'Evil Empire' brewing in Queens - and we are what looks to be three weeks away from that pivotal owners meeting. THREE weeks away from the paradigm shift in New York Baseball!!! THREE weeks away from instead of being concerned about who the owner is... we’re thinking about just how much we’re going to give Realmuto, Bauer, and Marcus Stroman! THREE WEEKS from a dawn of a new era in Mets Baseball... the era where they take over the National League.

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