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SHOP GHR: NEW Items in the Store

WHAT?!? We here at The Grindhouse Radio are uber excited to announce our NEW line of GHR branded T-Shirts (Men's and Women's) and Hoodies!!! We hope you'll browse the Store and perhaps pick up a shirt or two in support of the Grindhouse Cast... we have SO many cool items including; but not limited to collectible pins, buttons and stickers! As we've been doing the Grindhouse thing for five years now - we'd thought that it was time to start building up our Merch... and built it up we have! Also, as we currently can't tour like we normally do - we're now offering personalized 8x10's of the cast here as well! Essentially, we are hoping you all love us enough to continue supporting by grabbing one; or a heaping load of GHR love! Now, in honor of our Store's Official launch and our undying appreciation that we have for our audience - we wanted to do something special for everyone who is paying attention... for the next TWO WEEKS (10/9/20 - 10/23/20):

ANY ORDER that is OVER $50 - We're giving you $10 OFF

Use the Code: GOUDADEAL2020 at check out!!!


ANY ORDER that is OVER $100 - We're giving you FREE SHIPPING!!!

This includes EVERYTHING on the site - so go crazy and save some loot supporting your friends here at The Grindhouse Radio! Also, don't forget to tune in to GHR EVERY Thursday at 7pm EST - 4pm PST for a NEW Episode!!! Thanks again!!!

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