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Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED GHR Website!

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

We here at The Grindhouse Radio are ecstatic to bring you our NEW, UPDATED and RE-BRANDED Official Website!!! We know that it has been WAY passed due; however things get busy and to pull off something this big... frankly, it takes a village! There are SO many new features that you'll find throughout the site, so we urge you to explore and enjoy all that we have to offer. GHR is looking to continue building and seeking ways to connect with all of YOU - our audience! Thank you again for visiting, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would do us the favor of referring a friend or two in order to help us grow. Also, if you can leave a REVIEW for us on iTunes - Mr. Greer would be very happy! Hope you all enjoy your time here at the House of Grind! - The GHR Cast

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