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Michael Winslow from Spaceballs Joins The Grindhouse Radio

Actor and Comedian from Police Academy and Spaceballs Appears As This Week's Guest

On Long Island's #1 Radio Show

LEVITTOWN, NY – (May 11, 2021) – Actor and comedian from TV series 'Police Academy' (1997) and Spaceballs (1987). Michael Winslow. Winslow joins this week's episode of The Grindhouse Radio. Winslow joins Brimstone, Kim Adragna and Tom Greer to tease his latest project, life on set of some iconic movies and teaches the GHR cast some fun voice effects! Tune in to this week's episode on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 starting at 7pm EST | 4pm PST via the GHR Official Website (, or any of over 25 syndicated networks including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.

About Michael Winslow:

Michael Winslow is an American actor, comedian and beat boxer billed as The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects for his ability to make realistic sounds using only his voice. He is best known for his roles in all seven Police Academy films as Sargent Larvelle Jones. Winslow was born in Spokane, Washington, the son of Verdie and Robert Winslow. He grew up at Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane, and later attended the Lisa Maile School of Acting, Modeling and Imaging.

According to his own account, Winslow had few friends growing up due to constantly moving around. To pass time, he would imitate the sounds of engines, animals, nature, anything that made noise. Following his high school and college periods, he performed in nightclubs and theaters, where his sound imitation skills won him positive appraisal and enough money to move to and perform his act in Hollywood. In 1987, Winslow appeared as a radar operator in the movie Spaceballs, in which he performs all the sound effects during his scene himself. Mel Brooks (who wrote, directed, produced, and co-starred in the film), stated that by doing so, "Winslow saved the film money." Some other notable roles Winslow has acted in were, Robot Chicken, The Love Boat (TV Series), Cheech and Chong's Next Movie as well as voicing characters in the movie Gremlins (1984). You can check out his website at

Follow Michael Winslow on Social Media:

Instagram: @Michael_Winslow

Twitter: @Noizey_Man

YouTube: Michael Winslow

The Grindhouse Radio:

The Grindhouse Radio is an internationally syndicated, award-winning, pop culture ‘talk-radio style’ podcast series. GHR is conveniently available on over 25 Digital outlets and Terrestrial radio networks, has a listenership of between 3.5 to 4 million weekly worldwide and offers a weekly celebrity guest. GHR covers a variety of topics including pop culture related news, food, comics, music, geeky gadgetry, sports, movies and SO much more perfectly blended into a 2-hour show. The Grindhouse Radio releases new episodes every Thursday night at 7pm EST | 4pm PST. To learn more about GHR and the cast, please visit:

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