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Dave, Your Time Has Come

The New York Football Giants are 0-4 – Not until we’ve entered week FIVE, have I opted to write a Giants Blog. Why? Because even I didn’t expect it to be this bad! They’ve been the WORST team in Football for at the VERY least, the last five years now! That isn’t even a “take” - that’s just a straight up fact. Honestly, they’ve been riddled with problems way before that… other than that 11-Win Season where they managed to find themselves in the Wildcard game of 2016 – it’s been nothing but disappointment. We’ve been left with just a bunch of 7-9 (2013), 6-10 (2014 & 2015), 3-13 (2017), 5-11 (2018), 4-12 (2019) type years. The kind of years where it was over by week five, and you’re just hoping at this point they don’t mess up their chances at a ‘Top Five’ pick in the Draft. All I hear… over and over - is how they have a grand total of TWELVE wins since that infamous ‘boat trip’ before the Wildcard Game against the Packers.

I believe it’s time to send Dave Gettleman out to pasture. The man’s spent the better part of three seasons taking a dumpster fire, originally started by Jerry Reese - then proceeded to feed the fire by dumping any and all kinds of accelerant he could possibly think of, directly on top of it. It’s widely understood that he got the job because John Mara recognized the name on the resume and was more than likely the only stooge willing to say he’d try and win one for Eli - rather than show him the writing on the wall… that it was time to start planning for the future. That plan barely lasted a full season, because halfway into 2018… his first full year as GM - instead of seeing Super Bowls, he realized it was time for the rebuild. So that brings us to where we are now. I guess two and a half years into a ‘Dave Gettleman’ rebuild, and what do we have to show for it? A defense that has been a staple of inconsistence! You can point out to me all you want - that they’d basically shut the Rams down last week; but I’ll have you remember only just a week prior, when they gotten blown-out by the B-team 49ers. Let’s not leave out the offence… it seems like forever since the last Super Bowl win, us as Giants fans have been complaining about a terrible offensive line, and it hasn’t gotten much better. Daniel Jones, much like Eli before him, is getting his brains beat in - and luckily for

him… Danny’s got some wheels in old Vanilla Vick where Eli manning did not. I continue to hear about this offense full of ‘playmakers’; but WHO or WHERE are these people? Saquon is done for the year. Evan Engram has stone hands, while Darius Slayton, Golden Tate & Sterling Shepard are all nice receivers; but all number 2’s or 3’s at best… Gee, I wonder

what it’s like to have a solid number. Perhaps one who’s arguably one of the best in the league.

Look, I realize you can’t blame Dave Gettleman for everything that happens on the field. Essentially, ‘players gotta play’ and there were a few games so far that the Giants could’ve had. They could easily be 2-2. The Bears were a game they could’ve won. It was ugly; but that Rams’ game could have been brought home as well. What is absolutely clear is that the Giants are deprived of talent, which falls solely on the General Manager. It’s on HIM to get the players and personnel on the field and to control whether or not the team wins or loses. To be honest… he’s done a piss poor job. All he’s done is maybe hit on a few Draft picks while recklessly spending money on useless free agents (like Jonathan Stewart, Kareem Martin and Antoine Bethea), and now this year has the Giants staring down the barrel of ANOTHER season picking top 5/10 in the NFL Draft. Hopefully this is it, we can only hope another embarrassing year like this will lead John Mara and Steve Tisch to bring in someone not looking to be the company yes-man; but can actually be the guy to finally turn this team around. Let’s pull it out of the ditch Jerry Reese dumped it in and Dave Gettleman somehow dug deeper.

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