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Best of Long Island: Please VOTE The Grindhouse Radio

Ok boys and girls... the time has come yet again - that your friends here at The Grindhouse Radio need YOUR help to WIN our categories in the Best of Long Island Annual competition. Thanks to our incredible audience - we've taken home the gold over the last FOUR years. It would of course be fantastic to take it home to GHR yet again for 2021!!! We can't do this without all of you - so we're hoping you can do the following for us:

It's very simple - First, start off at the Arts and Entertainment section where we have FOUR out of the SIX GHR related Nominations...

Below are the categories and preferably who to vote for...


Best LI Personality: Brimstone

Best Radio Station: The Grindhouse Radio

Best Podcast: The Grindhouse Radio

Best Recording Studio: The Grindhouse Radio

Then - Please go to the Shopping section and VOTE for Guy and Kevin below...

Best Book Store: Lost Planet Comics

Best Musical Instrument Store: All Music

NOW... the key here is that we need you to PLEASE make sure to VOTE ONCE A DAY from October 1st - December 15th, 2020 - Every vote counts and is appreciated!!!

We want to thank you in advance for your help with this... EVERY year it is an honor and a privilege to take home this prize... hope you'll all help us reach that goal of continuing to retain the title of... Best of Long Island!

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