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Kevin Dempsey is a fun loving geek from New York who loves all things nerdy including games, film, books, and comics. He's been a writer since his early years in high school and plans to continue his pursuit of 'writer-ness for the foreseeable future! Dempsey began racking up publishing accomplishments including his writing for 'Deathology' Chapter Two and Chapter Three (Pronto Comics), as well as a variety of other projects he's had his hand in with Arcana Comics and Hound Comics. Kevin took a position with Hound Comics, Inc. under the tutelage of CEO Will 'Brimstone' Kucmierowski and had the unique privilege of touring around the country with Brim being a guest of countless comic cons and other events. The culture of the convention world seemingly settled in his veins and Dempsey became a fixture within the community. When Brimstone and his co-workers, Kim Adragna and Stephen 'Zambo' Zambito created The Grindhouse Radio - they knew immediately that Kevin should be a part of it and offered him the Captain's seat of his own segment, Kev's Comic Book Corner. The Grindhouse Radio or GHR for short, has achieved the honor of being voted, ‘Best Radio Station on Long Island 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020,’ in the annual Best of LI Awards. GHR was also named a 2018 SCORE American Small Business Champion and National Grand Champion; and was a topic of discussion at the European Planetary Science Congress 2018 - officially making them a citable source for scientific and collegiate papers.


In August of 2016, Dempsey decided to fulfill his lifelong dream of opening up his own comic book and collectibles shop he affectionately named, Lost Planet Comics. The shop has since become a hot spot in Bay Shore right on Main Street where not only fans of The Grindhouse Radio come to shake his hand daily; but comic book aficionados and casual fans drop in to pick up their favorite titles, pull-list or a few cool Funko Pops that they've always wanted. As a comic book expert, people have been known to pick Kev's brain on a multitude of different pop culture subjects and he's always keen on sharing his knowledge. Kevin has signed alongside his GHR castmates at a variety of events including to his delight, San Diego Comic Con. All in all, Kevin is just a regular guy who is just happy to be here... wherever here is.

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