Thomas Greer is a professional audio producer, editor, brand influencer, on-air radio talent, and sports fanatic. Born and raised on Long Island, New York - Greer succumbed to the world of sports at an exceptionally early age. Albeit he played all throughout his youth, Greer eventually accepted that the chances of him going pro were slim to none – so he decided to talk about it instead. Tom found great solace off of the field, swapping his jersey for a microphone in order to bring his personal passion for the industry to life by way of the wide world of broadcasting. Greer pulled inspiration from his hometown favorites that included famed announcers, Howie Rose (Mets) and Bob Papa (Giants) while developing his own individual style behind the mic. At the time, Mike Francesca and Chris “Mad Dog” Russo’s unique approach of on-air debate fueled Greer’s fire as it was a new and unexplored avenue to discuss sports and the players within. Seeking to pursue this avenue professionally - Greer enrolled in, The Connecticut School of Broadcasting, where he befriended Steve ‘Zambo’ Zambito – his now co-host on, The Grindhouse Radio or GHR for short. After a run interning as an engineer with GHR, Tom earned himself an on-air slot as a host of their sporting segment, PNG (Formally known as The Peanut Gallery) with Scott Eisenberg and then an eventual spot as the fourth main host of the show.

Greer’s greatest endeavor to date has been solidifying his spot as a host of The Grindhouse Radio, a pop culture talk-based podcast and series that is currently syndicated on over nineteen digital & terrestrial radio networks (including iHeartRadio, iTunes, Spotify & Google Play Radio) with a listenership of between 3.5 – 4 million weekly worldwide. The Grindhouse Radio has achieved ranking in the Top 20 Best Comedic Podcasts worldwide on iTunes as high as #6 as well as #83 on their overall charts. On social media, Greer and GHR branded GIFs have been used over 300 million times via their official Giphy account. Notably, The Grindhouse Radio was a topic of discussion at the European Planetary Science Congress 2018 - officially making them a citable source for scientific and collegiate papers.

Due to his success with GHR, Greer is currently pursuing other areas of entertainment to continue building his personal brand. He was asked to do a cameo in an upcoming Troma film by the legendary Lloyd Kaufman, and filming has begun on a televised sitcom spin-off of GHR titled, Behind the Grind that will be available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV and Apple TV. He has also performed voiceover work for the video game GHR: The Great Air Space Chase. Greer states that highlights of his career thus far have been working with some of the top names in the entertainment industry such as Phil Lamarr, Stephen Ogg, Sean Schemmel and Charles Martinet to name a few. Additionally, Greer’s talents and charisma have led him to making appearances and signing at various conventions including but not limited to San Diego Comic Con, The Great Philadelphia Comic Con, EmCon, and Allentown Comic Con.


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